Flood Restoration

24/7 Emergency Carpet Flood Damaged Response

Wet carpet can be the result of burst water pipes, over flown bath, spa or washing machines, cracked tiles or storm deluge, what ever water has caused the carpet to become wet needs immediate attention; otherwise mould and bacteria can cause the carpet to deteriorate beyond rescue.

Kool Kleen has been restoring carpets for over 26 years through out Melbourne and provides a 24/7 reliable service for all Melbourne Carpet Flood Restoration.

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We offer:

  • Water Extraction
  • Dehumidifiers – which extracts water from the walls and floors
  • Air movers or blowers that circulate cold air to dry the carpet and floors
  • Take away service of wet underlay
  • Take away service of wet carpet – if unable to dry onsite
  • Re-laying service of the restored carpet on new underlay
  • Anti fungal and anti browning treatment

Depending on the extent of damage, and the age of the carpet, if attended to immediately it may be restored to its original condition.  Underlay is removed to speed the drying process and the dry carpet is re-laid with new underlay.

Please contact Kool Kleen for all Melbourne Carpet Flood Restoration –0418 333 133

We offer a 24/7 Emergency Service – to return your Motel Rooms back online within 24 to 48 Hours!

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